Lecturer Tracking

With AI algorithm based on deep learning, the camera can quickly and precisely detect, smoothly and stably keep tracking the target at the stage. It keeps the speaker at the center of the screen, regardless of the speaker’s posture and the interference of the environment. It can also recognize various speaker actions such as board writing. Also, it can define rich modes of tracking to meet variety of applications and scenarios.
Technical Value
Automatically identify the teacher's action, and intelligently select the corresponding mode according to the teacher's action and state. The whole online teaching process is not disturbed by the environment and moving objects. To a great extent, it improves the teaching efficiency and facilitates the teaching work.

Technical Advantages

In the Classroom and Other Occasions that Need Tracking Function

Avoid video recording affecting the progress of the class
No technicians are required to complete the recording easily
Intelligently adjust the picture, and the teacher is always in the center of the classroom
The picture quality is clear, and the teaching process is full of details
Extraordinary Intelligent Tracking
Face Detection & Lock Tracking Algorithm
Feature one
Feature two
Feature three

In the Crowd

Automatically Identify & Lock Teachers and and Keep Tracking

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Strong Ability

Track Even if Lecturer Wears Mask.

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Intelligent Adjustment

Auto Adjust Tilt Angle as Per
Lecturer's Height.

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Anti Interference
Not Affected by Moving Objects or External Environment
Feature One
Feature Two
Feature Three

Tilt Motion while Tracking.

Keep Tracking if Lecturer Stand among the Students.

Powerful Automatic Recognition Function of Camera.
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Track Lecturer Only

Not Track Other Moving Objects.

The camera can track the target stably.
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Track with Lights On /Off

Not Track Moving Objects on Projector

Lecturer tracking camera can improve classroom efficiency.
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Other Features
Zone Tracking On/Board Writing Mode
Feature One
Feature Two

Zone Tracking on

Persons Move into Saved Preset
Area, Cameras Move to Preset.

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Board Writing Mode

With Deep Learning Technology, Go to Board Writing Preset & Track Once Board Writing is Detected.

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Lecturer tracking is widely used in various fields to facilitate your work and life.
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