Speaker Tracking

Efficient and precise speaker tracking function, giving a closeup image shot on speaker(s).
Technical Value
It can automatically lock the speaker and give a close-up of the speaker. When the speaker switches, it can realize smooth switching.

Technical Advantages

In Meetings and Other Occasions Where Speaker Close-ups are Required

Give the speaker a close-up during the meeting, and the participants have a good meeting experience
Al intelligent recognition, no need for manual adjustment, freeing hands
Smooth switching when changing speakers
Not disturbed by other sounds
Precise Voice Positioning
Sound Source Localization + Lock Tracking
Feature One
Feature Two
Feature Three

When No One Speaks

Camera Frame Select Everyone.

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When Someone Speaking

The camera is locked to track the speaker and give the speaker a close-up shot.

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When the Speaker Changes

Camera Locks and Tracks New Speakers.

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Strong Anti-interference Ability
Not Disturbed by Sound and Meeting Environment
Feature One
Feature Two
Feature Three

Anti Interference Function

Tracking only on speakers instead of other noises.

Other Voices do not Interfere With Speech Positioning.

Precise Positioning

Accurate positioning of speakers can be achieved even if there are multiple people in the same direction.

The Screen Switching is Natural and Smooth

The Meeting Experience is Smoother and Clearer.


Speaker Tracking is widely used in various fields to facilitate your work and life
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